Touring & Visiting

Touring and visiting There are several historic sites close to Cambridge Bay which are accessible by vehicle, on foot or by boat. Trek the historic trail that leads visitors through hundreds of years of Cambridge Bay heritage. Visit Thule Inuit archaeological sites and traditional Inuit summer fishing camps, as well as a unique stone church built in the 1950s.Travel to Mount Pelly, one of three hills nearby, with panoramic views over the tundra, and an excellent opportunity to see wildlife. Cambridge Bay is home to some great wildlife watching. Muskoxen, wolves, polar and grizzly bears, caribou, foxes and seals can all be found in the area. In summer, birdwatchers will find nesting geese and swans, and year round, sharp eyes can spot snowy owls, ptarmigan and ever-present ravens. Fishing is excellent in small land locked lakes for trout, or for arctic char in spring and fall, on local rivers.

The Arctic Coast Regional Visitors Centre 867-983-2224 features displays of the area’s history, art and culture. The Centre can also supply information on local events, including the Omingmak (muskox) Frolics in May, a week long celebration with events for all.

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